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  • How do I know the HEW-Protector-1 face shield will fit properly?
The HEW-Protector-1 face shield provides coverage from the forehead, above the eyebrow, to below the chin and covers the face from ear-to-ear to protect eyes, ears, nose and mouth from droplets and splashes. The HEW-Protector-1 was designed with ample space between the eyes and the face shield to fit over prescription glasses, safety goggles and N95 facemasks. The HEW-Protector-1 can be adjusted to fit 20” – 27” (51cm x 68cm) in circumference with an easy-to-use and easy-to-clean strap.
  • I have different shifts for my employees. Can I provide one HEW-Protector-1 face shield for each position instead of one per employee?
Yes, although PPE can be shared according to the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety as well as the United States Department of Labour, we DO NOT recommend this practice. If you choose to do this you must disinfect the shared HEW-Protector-1 face shield after each use keeping in mind that the foam cannot be 100% disinfected.
  • How often should I change my face-shields?
We get asked this question all the time and it’s hard to answer. If worn in normal conditions and properly maintained a HEW-Protector-1 face shield could be re-used many times. The range to dispose and replace a face shield depends on the environment, the usage and the volume of direct/indirect interaction of the user. For example: some institutes or organizations where employees are working in ‘hot spot’ environments or environments vulnerable to contamination, dispose of their HEW-Protector-1 at the end of every shift. In general, we’ve seen organizations dispose and replace a HEW-Protector-1 once a week.
  • How should I maintain and care for the HEW-Protector-1 face shield?
Avoid exposure to high heat. Handle with care to prevent drops and scratches. It is very important that every HEW-Protector-1 face shield is disinfected daily after every shift and stored in a clean, dry, dust-proof container such as a sealed box or sealable plastic bag, to protect them until next use. It is also important to ensure that in case of contamination or if the user has been in direct contact with a confirmed case, the HEW-Protector-1 face shields cannot be decontaminated and must be disposed of in a manner that protects employees from exposure and in accordance with your local bylaws. 
  • How should I clean the HEW-Protector-1 face shield for re-use?
The HEW-Protector-1 can be sanitized and reused by cleaning both sides of the shield (including the smooth surface strap) with mild soap and warm water. You can also apply alcohol (Ethanol 70%, 75% Isopropyl Alcohol), 25% Hydrogen Peroxide or a mild sanitizer with soft paper or cloth. Stronger cleaning agents are not recommended.
  • Do I have to pay any duties or tariffs on my order of the HEW-Protector-1 face shields?
There are no additional duties or tariffs to be paid on the HEW-Protector-1 face shield if we are shipping within Canada. For orders to the United States or international please consult your import duties and tariffs.
  • Do you have face shields for children?
Yes. We are proud to announce that Happy Earth Ware developed a shield for kids. The HEW-Protector-2 face shield for children is available for pre-order, please contact us.
  • Do you have any special pricing for non-for-profits, educational institutes and healthcare service providers?
Yes. Please contact us to learn more.
  • How long does it take after placing my order to receive the HEW-Protector-1 face shields?
For North American orders under 1000 we can deliver within 7-10 working days to most major cities. For wholesale orders with custom branding, once the artwork has been approved, the delivery of up to 50,000 HEW-Protector-1 face shields takes around 10-14 working days
  • How many HEW-Protector-1 face shields can I order?
You can purchase as little as 1 package of 2 HEW-Protector-1 face shields up to as many as you need.
  • Can I wear my prescription glasses with the HEW-Protector-1 face shield?
Yes, the HEW-Protector-1 face shield was designed to fit comfortably over prescription glasses.
  • Can the HEW-Protector-1 protect me from COVID-19?
The HEW-Protector-1 is not a closed system and cannot protect the user against all air-born transmissions. To ensure maximum security, especially in environments susceptible to contamination, the HEW-Protector-1 should be worn over facemasks approved and recommended by local authorities as well as security glasses.
  • Can I resell the HEW-Protector-1 to my customers?
Yes. If you are interested in reselling the HEW-Protector-1 you can register for our affiliate program here or contact us for wholesale volume prices. General Inquiries & Sales: info@happyearthware.com